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Remove Your Rodent Infestation

The team at Entomol Ltd in Belfast can deal with all nature of rodent infestation. So whether you're dealing with a mouse problem at home or a rat infestation at your place of business, we can help. 

Call us today and eradicate those rodents!

Rodents can be extremely destructive, if given the correct conditions and are left to their own devices! That's why it's important to act quickly when you first notice signs they may be in or around your property. If you're not sure which type of rodent is causing the damage to your property, get in touch and we'll be happy to come out and identify this for you. 

Rodents you may have in or around your property 


They may be small, they may be cute, but it's undeniable that they can cause a lot of damage to your property. ​

Left to quickly breed in large numbers, they can chew through all sorts of things; from doors, skirting boards and architraves, to electrical cables, causing not only a hygiene risk but a fire risk too. 

Look out for tell-tale signs including:

  • Droppings

  • Bad smells that you can't attribute to anything else

  • Holes and teeth marks around wood or wiring 

mouse on some concrete
rat in a trap


Spreaders of disease, rats can not only pose a serious health risk but can also cause a lot of damage to property in a similar way to mice, but on a much greater scale. 

Contaminating foodstuffs and sourcing nesting material, rats need to be dealt with quickly to ensure that the situation does not get out of control. Give us a call to arrange a visit to your property as soon as you notice rat droppings, rat holes, and signs of damage caused by gnawing. 

If you're experiencing issues with rodents at your property in the Belfast area, call the team at Entomol Ltd on
028 9043 4899


Squirrels can be fun to spot jumping around in the trees and parks, but it's a whole different situation when you have them around your property. 

They can cause significant damage not only to your property, but also the trees in the neighbouring vicinity. Gnawing through wooden structures, if they manage to gain access to your property, they can cause massive amount of damaged to your roof, in ceiling voids and electrical cables. 

Our squirrel control services are aimed solely at grey squirrels, as red squirrels are a protected species. 

squirrel on a tree