beetle on a carpet

Spotted Signs Of A Bug Infestation?

Then it's time to call in the team from Entomol Ltd in Belfast. 

Bugs, beetles, ants, bedbugs, whatever it is you think you've spotted, it's best to act fast before the infestation really takes hold. We provide a fast response and professional service. 

Think you may have fleas in your property?

Fleas can reproduce at lightning speed, so you may find that the problem can quickly get out of hand at an alarming rate. Due to their 4-stage life cycle, fleas need to be tackled correctly to ensure that all 4-stages are eradicated in full to prevent the problem from coming back. For example, if all adult fleas are exterminated, we need to make sure all the eggs are dealt with too, otherwise the issue will simply reappear. 

Beetles and Roaches

There are many different types of beetles that you may find in your home, each with their own specific life cycle. 

Beetles can be quite tricky to deal with yourself, so it's important you call in the services of a professional pest control company on the first signs of a possible infestation. 

Cockroaches are very successful at surviving almost anything you throw at them! They are very adaptable, and can source food and shelter easily. Entomol Ltd can provide the full service for removal of these pests from your property. 

cockroach on a wood floor
ants on a wood floor


If you spot ants in or around your property, we can effectively locate the nest and ensure that we take the relevant steps to treat it with insecticide to ensure the issue does not present itself again. We also take steps to seal up any gaps in walls that they may be sheltering in. 

Have you noticed evidence of bugs in your property in the Belfast area? Call the team at Entomol Ltd on
028 9043 4899


Bedbugs can really be a problem bug to have in your home. Often brought into your home via your luggage following an overnight stay elsewhere, bedbugs quickly hide themselves away until it is dark. They then come out and bite exposed skin to feed on your blood. Usually the first signs you have these in your home are the small red itchy bites they leave behind. 

Bedbugs needs to be treated over the course of a few visits to ensure the infestation is truly gone. 

bedbug on a sheet